Nail Treatments – Maintaining Your Nail’s Health with Nail Creams

The nails of your toes and fingers come from living skin cells, which are primarily made of keratin, the hardened protein that can also be found in hair and skin. Nails consist of several different parts including the nail bed, nail plate, lunula, matrix, cuticle and the nail folds. You might think that these nails are for cosmetic appeal but they serve for some important functions such as protecting the sensitive skin underneath.
Typically, fingernails grow quicker compared to toenails and the nails on the dominant hand tend to grow rapidly. Men’s nails also grow rapidly than women’s nails but there are many factors, which may affect its growth. This could be hormone imbalance, disease or the aging process, which can cause discoloration or indentations running across nails.
Manicures and pedicures are primarily used for cosmetic purposes. But in the recent, nails treatments such nail repair cream proves to offer efficacy for keeping the nails healthy. Most of these products, however, are only used externally. Cuticle and nail creams are widely used these days because people finally recognized how the cuticles and nails need nourishment just like the skin.
For dry, cracked cuticles, the causes may have been allergens, irritants and medication. It may also have been temperature change while hand washing can have an effect where it loses moisture. When the cuticle skin becomes dry, this often results for the skin under the nails to split, which are both painful and embarrassing.
Fortunately, there are products that can help repair, condition and protect the skin around your nails. With nail creams, it becomes easy to overcome the ragged edges, which are commonly associated with dry cuticles, and results to poor nail health. With such products, the moisture of the cuticles can be restored and kept supple. Apart from that, it helps in improving the appearance of the nails and promotes healthy growth of the nails.
Most nail creams and moisturizers include ingredients such as soluble collagen, aloe, jojoba and glycerin. Formulations enriched with glycerin and aloe helps in conditioning and penetrating the skin around the nails deeply for added moisture. It also helps in healing the cracked cuticles thus healing the nails as well. Nail creams enriched with aloe, collagen and jojoba provides benefits such as nourishment and conditioning. The collagen greatly helps in restoring moisture as well as flexibility for the skin.
Protecting and nourishing the skin and nails are important. The hands are necessary in one’s everyday lives and the nails are what make it capable to hold things and function. Without nails, the hands may not be able half of the things it can do since it will likely hurt from the pressure. As such, it is but really important that you always take care of not only the skin of your hands but your nails as well.
You have to keep your hands especially the nails from potential damage by keeping it moisturized using nail creams. With that, the new cells on your nails are protected and a dry, cracked cuticle that may cause bacteria is prevented. Please check one of the popular shopping sites: