God hears us and he will answer our prayers

Is there proof that God exists and what is the nature of the divine? Many are asking and there are many sides to this question. There are a lot of occasions when we pray to God for something that’s definitely genuinely important to us or that is immediately needful, and it appears as if our prayers are going unnoticed. So if you’re asking Jesus Christ please help me, you ought to know if we ask anything according to His will, God hears us. Notice that this passage is revealing to us that we can have confidence that God definitely will answer our prayers, if we pray according to His will. In this case the Bible is showing us that whenever we are double minded whenever we pray, we should not expect to attain anything from Him.
For the question of whether or not God exist then one needs only to look at nature and its components to understand the powerful intellect behind them. According to Christian teachings, God is a Superior being, a higher power that we are all accountable to. From this, they explain who God is and His role in our lives.  It simply means that any time you ask Him for something in prayer, that you are hoping He will answer you, however you are not necessarily sure that He will.
The various parts of space are finely adjusted to work with each other. All of space and the many parts of it is also a living organism. The planet is a live organism. It has movement, life, changes, and interlocking parts and most assuredly has the ability to regenerate and restore itself. The physics and chemistry within nature and the laws governing them are only now being realised.  God said that according to your ways you will be judged. That is the promise and it is coming true right now. Through this we realize that whenever we expect to get our prayers answered, we will have to really feel that He hears us and is faithful to respond to our prayers.