CeyHello : A Digital Pillbox In Your Hand

In times where we spent the day glued to the computer or mobile two unhealthy habits, we must learn to live more healthily.  Not everything is bad in technology and applications and show them to lead a healthy life and you can download to your Smartphone. We all want to lead a healthy life, but not everyone can achieve ; either by the time it needs , routine or work that difficult . However , thanks to technology this task can now be easier and fun to do.
Have you noticed that almost everyone has a mobile phone with internet access, which also carries with him at all times and consultation almost constantly? Without doubt, the market for mobile and tablet applications (apps) continue to increase year after year.
Being in touch with your clients at all times, providing value-added information they receive immediately in the APP installed on your Smartphone or Tablet. For example, if you are a cooperative pharmacy, ​​you can offer your pharmacists a free APP to remind customers when to take different medicines (digital pillbox). Thus increase the loyalty of your customers and your brand image.
On the other hand, the application of ‘digital pillbox’ like CeyHello allows the patient to configure on mobile reminders and track shots of their medicines, while incorporating medication information and monitoring reports for sending or printing from your phone. In addition to making the appointment, the application allows the creation of reminders and alerts on the device, ability to send or share appointment information with other members of the family unit and ability to print the flyer of the event from the mobile phone.
CeyHello is designed so you can familiarize yourself with the active ingredient, dosage, how to take it and why; and to set alarms to remind you when shooting. Also, you can manually add drugs, if you find it more comfortable. You can view a record of them with its full prospectus and warnings in case concerned a drug that may affect driving or subject to additional monitoring of their safety.