Parkinson Disease Treatment

While it is a well-known fact that Parkinson’s disease has no cure as yet, there are many treatments available for patients to lead a near-normal way of life. The goal of the treatment itself is to provide control over the signs and symptoms of the disease and minimize its adverse effects on the person. Whether […]

What is a CT Scan?

A CT scan, or CAT scan, is a type of x-ray that takes cross-sectional images of the body. CT stands for Computed Tomography, which refers to the process of combining x-ray technology with computers to produce images that look like “slices” of the body. During CT scans a large series of two dimensional x-rays are […]

Innovation in Medical Technology Sector

Innovation is more than merely important to medical technology; it is actually the essence of what the industry does. This drive to innovate is important on a number of levels. With product lifecycles in the sector averaging only 18 months between improvements, the drive to advance and innovate within the industry is continuous; probably only […]

Why this Herb Kratom Acting Strangely?

People recognize kratom by its varying effects for example someone knows it as a drug that makes you calm, some say it will make you nervous. Few of the folks consider it to have effects that make you active and focused and some think opposite. Many news reports were focused on his natural herb during […]

Think must to know about diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes was already fairly perplexing. Diabetes treatment is complex in that it involves many areas that need to be addressed. While tons of information pertaining to this illness has been publishes, it can still be really tough to comprehend. An even more distressful task is making a decision on how to treat […]

Do Diet Pills Work?

In a time of significant medical break-through, the question still remains, can today’s medicine helps on the obesity problem many individuals face? For example – Xenical was originally a prescription capsule only prescribed to adults that are suffering from obesity, and recently, the FDA approved a different lighter version of Xenical – Alli. Both products […]